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Best From Playboy Number 3 (Playboy Newsstand Special 1969)

Code: PYNS1969BP
Price: $120.95
Available: 10 +
Publication Date: 1969
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Martin Luther King.

"The Make Out Man" by Jules Feiffer.

"Beatle in the Bull Ring" by Keneth Tynan.

"Conversational Conveyances" by Phil Hahn and Paul Coker Jr.

"Marcianna & The Natural Carpaine in Papaya" by Bernard Wolfe.

"Beyond Gravity" by Arthur C. Clarke.

"Lafcadio, The Lion Who Shot Back" by Shel Silverstein.

"On Being a Managerial Misfit" by Vance Packard.

"Clara" by Ben Hecht.

"Fun for the Road" by Charles Beaumont.

"The New Barbary Coast" by Herbert Gold.

"A Bit of a Dreamer, A Bit of a Fool" by Romain Gary.

"Examination Day" by Henry Slesar.

Playmates of History
Photographed by Mario Casilli.

The Girls of Russia and the Iron Curtain Countries
Photographed by Herman Leonard and Len Kovars

  • Jolanta Koscielska (not nude)
  • Karla Chadimova and Dana SMutna (not nude)
  • Eva Murniyeze (not nude)
  • Elzbieta Stusinska (not nude)
  • Barbara Szczepenska
  • Beba Loncar (not nude)
  • Lucia Nikitina (not nude)
  • Mari Jeremias
  • Yvonna Makynowicz (not nude)
  • Marta Rzybova (not nude)
  • Andrea Atzel
  • Gaila Mironova (not nude)
  • Margaret Lachs (not nude)
  • Jolanta Umecka (not nude)
  • Lora Obradovic
  • Elena Rjbinkina, Lena Matveyeva and Krista Rjbinkina (not nude)
  • Manya Gasparovna
  • Eva Kiwi (not nude)
  • Angela Hetenyi
  • Danisha Ilish (not nude)
  • Zofia Sloboszowska (not nude)
  • Mishka Kornsky
  • Malgorzata Brauner (not nude)
  • Karola Kiss
  • Iren Barsony
  • Macha Popova (not nude)
  • Dubravka Vugec (not nude)
  • Annelie Goldegg
  • Bozena Kedzierska (not nude)
  • Dubravka Milishevish (not nude)
  • Milena Dravic (not nude)
  • Larissa Yarominok (not nude)
  • Stalina Azamatova (not nude)
  • Milica Stojisiljevic (not nude)
  • Manja Golec
  • Dunja Rajter
  • Vesna Bekovac (not nude)
  • Olga Schoberova
  • Eva Fichtnew
  • Beata Tyszkiewicz (not nude)

    The Nude Discotheque

  • Carol Doda
  • Tosha "the Glo Girl"
  • Stacy Shea O'Hara, Patti Lee Ball and Brandy DeWitt
  • Paula and Alberto
  • Yvonne d'Angers

    Ursula Andress photographed by John Derek.

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