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Restricted Orders

We are pleased to ship orders that have restrictions placed on US Mail by governmental authority. We call these orders Restricted Orders. These restricted facilities may be run by government (city/county/state/federal) or the military. Whether a correctional/detention/holding/medical facility or other type of facility, they all have individual rules. Unfortunately, it is not practical to keep up with the rules of these many facilities and as such your order is shipped at your risk. Please note that our sole responsibility is to have the order delivered to the institution as you have specified in your order.

Items purchased from us may be shipped via United States Postal Service or other methods and are to be paid for in full by United States Postal Service Money Order or by an official check written by and delivered from the governmental authority.

Please keep in mind that regardless of the rules, directions or statements issued by, or on behalf of, the governmental authority; that they and they alone control your order once it arrives at their institution. All Restricted Orders are shipped entirely at the buyers risk.

Should you fail to disclose to us that an order is in fact a Restricted Order, we may cancel the order or ship it entirely at your risk.

We may be required by law to share information about your purchase with the governmental authority. Where the governmental authority simply requests information about your purchase, we will respond as we deem appropriate.

You may, of course, place an order paying via any available option and have it delivered to you and then you can ship the order to the facility. ships to most of the free world